Understanding Chronic Pain

Kieran believes passionately that the more we understand what is
causing our patient's symptoms the better we can help them. For this we need a thorough knowledge of anatomy, to utilise the experience of those that have gone before us and to stay abreast of current research. Further, as professionals we should all share what we find works and help improve the standard of patient care.
Reviews Presentations Mentoring

Health Professionals

Kieran is passionate about evidence-based medicine and his facebook page, linked below, posts regular updates on the latest spinal research.

As well as staying abreast of current research Kieran also studies or studied with leading names in the rehabilitation field such as Andry Vleeming, Shirley Sahrmann, Paul Chek, Guy Voyer, Karel Lewitt, Paul Harradine, Pavel Kolar and many more.

Kieran is keen to share what he learns with other professionals.

To find out more email kieran@kieranmacphail.com

“Kieran was honest, funny, engaging, tactful with his opinions, technically accurate and thorough…he was a great inspiration to all the CHEK Practitioners there, including me…Kieran’s research showed that indeed, the C.H.E.K. totem pole system of evaluation and prioritization of treatment protocol is supported by current scientific literature. Thanks Kieran. Keep up the great work!”
Paul Chek (World Leader in Health and Exercise Education) reviewing Kieran’s presentation at the CHEK International Conference (London 2008)

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