Month: November 2012

L4/5 Disc Protrusion Case Study

Introduction   This case report will outline the relevant subjective history and discuss the relevance of the objective examination. Then the analysis behind the rationale for the clinical diagnosis is reviewed. This is followed by an outline of the treatment plan and the discussion and evaluation that led to its formation. Why the objective markers were chosen is discussed, followed by how the treatment progressed and an explanation of why modifications were made. Lastly a reflection on the effectiveness of the treatment is given including the impact of the orthopaedic medicine course...

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Measuring Sacroiliac Joint Movement

In this article I will briefly discuss two areas of sacroiliac joint measurement. Following a more in-depth reading of literature on the pelvic girdle region I have changed my understanding on the assessment of this region. The two areas to be discussed are; Measurement of innominate rotation in standing Gillet’s test (Stalk test) 1. Measurement of innominate rotation in standing The CHEK inclinometer is an excellent tool for measuring apparent innominate rotation. One arm can be placed on the apex of the posterior superior iliac spine (PSIS) and another on the apex of the anterior superior...

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