Month: September 2011

Are Essential Fatty Acids Essential?

Ray Peat (an American scientist with a growing following amongst personal trainers) suggests Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are actually not essential. A bold and courageous idea to suggest. Is he right? NO. Ray Peat is a very intelligent man in my opinion. He does an excellent job at analysing some studies. However, there’s a reason he’s not published these ideas in peer reviewed papers. Fortunately his dietary recommendations do provide enough EFAs to avoid a marked deficiency. I continue to think Charles Poliquin is a genius,...

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Why We Develop Pain, Illness or Dysfunction and How To Treat It!

This article will as normal with my writing attempt to do something totally unrealistic, explain why anybody develops any type of pain, illness or dysfunction and how to treat it! A pretty “punchy” claim! Obviously then I will fall well short of this impossible task. But hopefully in attempting it, I may shed a little light on the topic and give you some practical tools and a little understanding. The bulk of what I want to share in this article is contained in the diagram below. The diagram illustrates someone born with great genetics who has a digestive system that would score...

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Quick Pain Relief For Back Pain

This article will look to demonstrate a couple of stretches and exercises somebody can do to eliminate acute (less than 6 weeks old) back pain. Firstly, let me start by saying that this is pretty unprofessional on my part! You should always see a professional from a Quality Chiropractic Care similar to Arrowhead Clinic and get properly diagnosed before undergoing any treatment program. A visit to a trusted chiropractor or physical therapist for professional chiropractic treatment services after an auto injury is always safer. From my experience this programme will work well with approximately...

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Backs Clicking During Exercise

Two blogs in two days! Today I just thought I’d share a really quick clinical Pearl. In the past I had several clients who’s lumbar spines would make an audible or at least palpable click during hip extension in their lumbar spines. I’ve also seen it during rotation and flexion but only rarely. I’ve never noted it during side flexion but I’m sure it occurs. You may also visit this webpage to look into electric bikes that you can use for leisure and exercise. Initially, I regressed the exercises, addressed gut issues and gradually progressed the clients back to the...

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Thoracolumbar Junction Dysfunction (Maigne Syndrome)

Pain over the hips is frequently a result of dysfunction in the thoracolumbar junction. Kellgren (1939) first established that injection of the thoracolumbar interspinous ligaments in healthy volunteers resulted in pain over the hips. Later, McCall et al (1979) produced similar patterns by injecting the upper lumbar facet joints. Maigne syndrome is defined as dysfunction of the thoracolumbar junction marked by pain in the territory of the associated dermatomes of T11-L1 or 2. Background Anatomy The T12 and L1 ventral rami (subcostal & illiohypogastric nerves respectively) give rise to the...

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